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Hotdish Episode 33: My Sweet Greens: Farming One Small Flat of Microgreens At A Time with Jayne & Dean

June 5, 2019

Welcome to Hotdish, the Just Food Co-op Podcast.

Meet Jayne and Dean, founders and farmers of My Sweet Greens Microgreens. Hear about their production practices and all of the delicious ways you can use greens to enhance your hotdish - or any meal. 






The purpose of this podcast is to keep the conversation going beyond the walls of our building. Just Food Co-op aims to be a meeting place for community and friends, where our stories can be heard and shared.

We aim to keep the lines of communication open concerning your food, where that food comes from, and how it is being used to nourish our community.

We love talking to our farmers, vendors, members, and friends. If you are interested in being on this podcast please email Vicki at

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  • Our theme song is called Hotdish Wish by Joe Lawrence of Delano, MN, and is performed by Potluck & The Hot Dishes.

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