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Hotdish Episode 2: Board of Directors Election Discussion & A Chat About Main Street Project’s Sharing Our Roots Program

September 15, 2017

Episode 2:

Board of Directors Election Discussion with Stephanie & A Chat with Rocky About Main Street Project's Sharing Our Roots Program as well as specific details you need to know about the Board of Directors Voting and the Ballot.

Welcome Introduction

Hello and welcome Episode 2 of HotDish, the Just Food Co-op podcast. The Board of Directors Election 2017 Edition. I’m Vicki, your host, and I am very excited to be broadcasting live from beneath the olive branch.

The purpose of this podcast is to keep the conversation going beyond the walls of our building. Just Food Co-op aims to be a meeting place for community and friends, where our stories can be heard and shared. Where there is an open line of communication about your food, where that food comes from, and how it is being used to nourish our town and its members.  


Announcements: We are fast approaching the Board of Directors Election. The voting ballot will be coming out the week of September 17th. and will be closing on October 17th at 2pm. However, there will also be an opportunity to vote at the Annual Meeting on Oct. 17th between 5 and 5:30pm. For full descriptions of the board of directors candidates and ballot questions please go to and remember to vote.


Intro to the Content: This week we will be speaking with Stephanie, the Marketing and Community Relations Manager about the Upcoming Board of Directors Election and the Voting process. We will also hear from Rocky the Community Outreach Coordinator for Main Street Project, a local farm, about their Sharing Our Roots Program. We do pack a lot of information about voting into this episode for the clarity and convenience of our members, so please bear with us, we have attempted to pack a lot of information into a short segment.


Segment 1 - Discussion with Stephanie about Board of Directors Election, Ballot Items, and Online Voting

Stephanie's Favorite Hotdish is: Cheeseburger Hotdish


Segment Recap.

So, to Recap. A letter will be sent to members this coming week and election materials will be available soon. Please go to to read all of the election materials and vote. You will need your member number and pin number from Simply Voting in order to cast your vote. If you would prefer, all ballot materials can be emailed or mailed to your home upon request. The ballot materials will also be posted in the store for your convenience.

To vote please follow the instructions in the letter from Simply Voting and online or you may mail in the pre-addressed, stamped envelope back  to Simply Voting. Simply Voting will count and tabulate all voting materials. You may bring your ballot and envelope into the store, and we can put it in the mail for you, but all ballots will be counted by Simply Voting.

There will be a small window during the annual meeting on October 17th, 2017 in which to cast your vote. Please keep in mind, the doors open at 5pm at St. John’s Lutheran church. The voting window will be from 5pm-5:30pm and the votes that are cast during the voting window will be securely hand counted after the voting window closes at 5:30pm. Then those hand counted votes will be combined with the data from Simply Voting.

Interview - Interview with Rocky from Main Street Project about their Sharing Our Roots Progam

Rocky's Favorite Hotdish is: Chilaquiles


Cooperative Principal of the Week :

Principle #2: Democratic Member Control

Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members—those who buy the goods or use the services of the cooperative—who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.

We are currently seeing a demonstration of this democratic member control throughout this board election. You can also participate in the conversations surrounding Just Food Co-op by attending Coffee With the Board which is usually held the first Saturday of every month from 10am-12pm in the sitting area of Just Food Co-op.

All members are also invited to Monthly Board Meetings which are usually held on the third Thursday of every month. All that the board asks is that you email Sherri, the General Manager of the Co-op to be put on the agenda for the board meeting. Being put on the agenda just means that the Board knows that you are going to attend, and you must register to attend whether you simply want to sit in on a meeting or you have something to present to the board. All requests must be emailed to Sherri, the General manager at least one week in advance of the meeting you wish to attend. More information about attending the Board meeting can be found in the board section of the Just Food Co-op website.

Just Food Co-op practices open and democratic member control. All members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in making the Co-op


Happenings/Next Week:

We are very excited to announce that Breakfast Is Back on The Hot Bar. Enjoy a hot breakfast every weekday from 7:30- 10:30am - and we still have brunch on Saturday & Sunday.

Sample Day Sept. 16, 2017 10am-1pm. - Hispanic Heritage & Local Food Fair

Fall Equinox is September 22nd.

Wellness 3rd. Thurs. Is September 21st, 2017

Board Meeting - Sept. 27th. Email Sherri by Sept. 20th is the last day to register

Annual Meeting is coming up in October: Oct. 17th at St. John's Lutheran Church. Doors open at 5pm, In-Person Voting with a paper ballot ends at 5:30pm.



For More Information about Happenings at Just Food Co-op as well as up-to-date information about your local cooperative grocer you can.

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Thank you for listening to this election edition of HotDish, The Just Food Co-op Podcast. Join us next week when we discuss Episode 3: The Membership Drive Edition. For full descriptions of the Board of Directors candidates please go to


Just Food Co-op nourishes a Just, Healthy and Sustainable Community.