Hotdish, The Just Food Co+op Podcast

Hotdish, The Just Food Co+op Podcast

August 23, 2017


This is a teaser trailer for our fortnigtly Just Food Co-op podcast. The first episode will go live on September 1st, 2017 and will feature voices from inside the co-op.


Welcome to Hotdish the Just Food Co-op Podcast.

Tater Tot Hotdish

Green bean casserole

Tuna casserole

Funeral Potatoes


Frito Pie

Mac & Cheese

Tamale Pie

Baked Ziti

Chili Mac


Turkey Tetrazzini

Scalloped Potatoes

Chicken and Potato Casserole

Wild Rice Hotdish

Meat Loaf?

According to Garrison Keillor Meat Loaf is “sortof” a hotdish. So, I guess that counts. Welcome to the Hotdish, the Just Food Co-op podcast where there is an open line of communication about your food, where that food comes from, and how it is being used to nourish our town and its members.

I am Vicki, your host and I am extremely excited to bring you this fortnightly podcast. (That means bi-weekly or every other week for those of us who are not up on our British vocabulary.)

Join us on September 1st, 2017 for our first ever podcast featuring voices from inside the co-op.

We are currently looking for a theme song, transitional music, stingers, and outro music and we are looking to our community for support. If you or anyone you know is a musician or composer, and would like to create some Prairie Home Companion/Co-op Sounding music for our podcast, we would be interested in hearing from them. Email to register your interest.


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Thank you for listening to this teaser trailer for Hotdish, The Just Food Co-op Podcast. Join us next week for our first ever episode where we discuss our theme for September, which is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Lynda & Nancy give us a brief primer on cheese basics.


Just Food Co-op nourishes a Just, Healthy and Sustainable Community.