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Hotdish Episode 9: Kevin Talks About Clinical Depression During the Holidays, And Kathy K Gives Us a Taste for Tai Chi

December 22, 2017

Welcome Introduction:

Hello and welcome to Hotdish: The Just Food Co-op podcast. I’m Vicki, your host and I am very excited to bring you the latests news from your  Little Local Co-op.

The purpose of this podcast is to keep the conversation going beyond the walls of our building. Just Food Co-op aims to be a meeting place for community and friends, where our stories can be heard and shared. Where there is an open line of communication about your food, where that food comes from, and how it is being used to nourish our town and its members.  


Segment 1 -  Kevin discusses his personal relationship with Clinical Depression. He encourages us to be conscious of  people who may have a different perspective of the holiday season. He also gives some advice to people who think they may be struggling with Clinical Depression or depression symptoms. He everyone to be kind, be patient, and have empathy for people everyone this holiday season.


If you think you may have depression symptoms, here is some information that you may find useful.


1 - Please talk to someone. Whether that person is a professional, or a trusted friend, an outside perspective can be important to clarifying, finding help, and beginning to understand depression.


2- Be Patient




Facebook Groups:


National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


They also have an online chat service.


Also Mentioned in this segment:

Adoptable Cats (and other animals) :

Adoptable Rabbits:

Donate to Companion Rabbit Society:


Kevin’s Blog:

Hang Up Your Sock:


Anhedonic Headphones: Thoughtful Observations On Musical Stylings.


Just Food Co-op’s Facebook Note: Hang Up Your Sock

Segment 2 - Kathy K gives us a primer on Tai Chi. Whether you are looking for a new hobby, or a new way to move your body, trying out Tai Chi may be for you. This gentle practice meets you where you’re at and grows as you advance.

Places to find Tai Chi Classes in Northfield:

About the Music: The Music is by a Just Food Co-op Employee - Gordon Hayes

Cantankerous Kitten by Gordon Hayes

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Combo 1 Recording Session 4/14/2017

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More from Gordon:


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Outro. : We Believe that Just Food is Healthy Food That is Local, Sustainably Produced, and Strengthens Communities.